Valve Hands Out Jar-Based Karate, Sniper Achievements, and TF2 Free Weekend

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Posted on May 20, 2009, Steve Valve Hands Out Jar-Based Karate, Sniper Achievements, and TF2 Free Weekend


The seventh and final preview of the tomorrow’s Sniper/Spy dual update to Team Fortress 2 is upon us, and Valve come bearing gifts.

First off, it looks like the sharp shooting Aussie is getting that jar of pee that we all thought was an April Fool’s joke over a month ago. Could be bad news for Spies and Pyros:

Jarate – The Jar-Based Karate

Jarate is a thrown jar that splashes upon impact. When splashed on enemies, they take 35% more damage for a period of time. Jumping in water will wash off Jarate. Jarate is also able to short out Spies’ cloaking devices. When used on teammates, Jarate will extinguish any fire effects.

Also revealed are 35 brand new achievements for the Sniper class. As a fellow TF2 geek pointed out, some of these seem to be inspired by the ‘Meet The Sniper‘ video.

And finally, in celebration of all the hard work towards bringing TF2 fans these free updates, Valve are making this weekend a free TF2 weekend starting tomorrow. So if you or your buddy haven’t experienced what all the fuss is about, now is the time.

A list of the new 35 achievements and a funny web-comic for the Sniper found after the break.

  1. Australian Rules
  2. Be Efficient
  3. Be Polite
  4. Beaux and Arrows
  5. Consolation Prize
  6. Dead Reckoning
  7. De-sentry-lized
  8. Dropped Dead
  9. Enemy at the Gate
  10. Friendship is Golden
  11. Have a Plan
  12. Jarate Chop
  13. Jarring Transition
  14. Jumper Stumper
  15. Kill Everyone You Meet
  16. Kook the Spook
  17. My Brilliant Career
  18. Not a Crazed Gunman, Dad
  19. Number One Assistant
  20. Parting Shot
  21. Pincushion
  22. Rain on Their Parade
  23. Robbin’ Hood
  24. Rode Hard, Put Away Wet
  25. Saturation Bombing
  26. Self-destruct Sequence
  27. Shafted
  28. Shock Treatment
  29. Shoot the Breeze
  30. Socket to Him
  31. The Last Wave
  32. Triple Prey
  33. Trust Your Feelings
  34. Uberectomy
  35. William Tell Overkill

Download a Hi-Res Icon set for the Sniper achievements here.

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