Valve launches CS:GO analytics service and players hate it already

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Published by FileTrekker 1 year ago , last updated 1 year ago

Valve has released a new analytics tracking tool for CS:GO, and players are pretty upset at the $0.99 per month cost, for a tool that is seemingly less useful than other, free alternatives from third parties.

The new tool, known as CS:GO 360 Stats, lets players track stats across Competitive, Premiere and Wingman, allowing players to record K/D rations for each weapon, as well as access heatmaps and accuracy reports narrowed down to each individual body part. It's something that tools such as CSGOStats or Leetify have been able to do for a while, with deeper information and analytics - and players are worried about Valve's new, inferior tool.

Specifically, there are several posters on Reddit who fear Valve may disable the API these tools use to report on. While that may be an unjustified fear, there's also a lot of dissatisfaction with Valve's tool more generally, with players confused as to why Valve are charging more for less information than free alternatives. 

While it's great to see an official way to track stats and data in what still is the biggest competitive shooter in the world, finally, it clearly needs some more work before it's ready to be accepted by the masses. What are your thoughts on CS:GO 360 Stats? Let us know int he comments below.

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