Valve May Abandon Episodic Game Plan

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Posted on September 25, 2007, Jonathan Valve May Abandon Episodic Game Plan

valvelogo12.jpgValve’s Gabe Newell has implied that Half Life 2: Episode Three could mark the end of the developer’s attempts at episodic games. Once the third episode is out, Newell says the company plans to take some time to find out what the fans prefer, using the three different episodes’ releases as examples:

“I think what we really want to do is have a couple of examples out there – Episode One, and how long it was to play and how long it took to develop, Episode Two, Portal and TF2 and then the third part of the trilogy; and then sit down with the community and say, ‘OK, so what do you want?’”

Could this mean they plan to do something completely different with the release of Episode Three as well? But basically, if the fans end up saying that Valve should go back to doing bigger projects (i.e. another, full Half-Life game), then the third episode may be the series’ last. Newell also said he would like to sit down with Telltale Games, developers for Sam and Max, to discuss their experiences with episodic games.

I’m a little torn on this. On the one hand, I’d rather not have to wait around years and years for another new game. On the other hand though, Episode One felt kind of short to me. That’s fine if you’ve got new episodes coming out every month or so (a la Sam and Max), but when it takes a little over a year? Of course, releasing Episode Two with two other full games is pretty cool, but can they really keep that up? We’ll just have to see how this all pans out.


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