Valve might be developing a standalone Index VR headset

By FileTrekker 2 years ago, last updated 2 years ago

Rumours have surfaced that suggest Valve may be working on a new iteration of its Index VR headset that would be a completely standalone unit, powered by an AMD chipset and codenamed 'Deckard.'

The Oculus Quest is a similar VR headset that also runs as a standalone device, and this new device seems to be similar in design, with its own on-board processing and graphics, as well as a battery to allow completely untethered gameplay. The rumour has come via a YouTuber named Brand Lynch, who shared data found in the Steam VR folders a lighthouse driver that contains a codename referencing the new device.

It also contains a number of input profiles, and a "proof of concept" file that states that "Valve had been retooling the Deckard to work with Steam VR for the past year." It's also worth noting that Steam recently filed a number of patents around a wireless headset back in March, so that could support the rumour. 

There are some doubts over the authenticity of the claims tough. It's also tough to imagine which games the headset could run, although it may be another expansion into Valve's SteamOS similar to the recent launch of the Steam Deck. Currently though, most Steam VR games would require much more powerful hardware than the Steam Deck can offer to sustain high enough frame rates.


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