Valve Nixes Mutant Mudds Steam Release For Some Reason

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Posted on June 25, 2012, Ross Lincoln Valve Nixes Mutant Mudds Steam Release For Some Reason

It’s unusual for a game to be rejected by Steam. Valve has pretty much owned the world of game downloads for half a decade, and it’s not an exaggeration to say that if there’s a digital game, it’s on Steam. Except in a few curious cases, like that of critically acclaimed 3DS game Mutant Mudds.

Mutant Mudds was the recipient of tremendous praise, with review scores of 9 or 10 across the board. Considering Steam’s role as the premier place to get indie games, a small game like Mutant Mudds seems like a perfect fit for the service. Unfortunately, for reasons Valve has not made clear, Mutant Mudds as been rejected for sale on the Steam storefront. No explanation was given to the Mudds team; they were simply told that “Steam was not a good fit for distribution” of their game. Huh?

As the Indie Game Magazine points out, Steam does have a somewhat arcane system for approving Indie developers. Several decent games have been rejected over the years while horrid games, like Bad Rats, have been approved with no problem. Valve claims their approval process is currently undergoing changes to improve their approval process. Hopefully the Mutant Mudds team keeps trying until they’re accepted.

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