Valve Nonchalantly Sticks The Knife Into EA By Being Nice

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Posted on July 12, 2012, Ross Lincoln Valve Nonchalantly Sticks The Knife Into EA By Being Nice

Annoying people who don’t like letting you hold grudges like to say that ‘the best revenge is living well’, and they’re right of course. Especially when you can live really well and say really nice things about your enemy, while simultaneously suggesting in very bland terms that you totally don’t even really think about them at all. Valve seems to agree, and they proved it today in an interview with Games Industry that gives new meaning to the words “kill them with kindness.”

When we reported yesterday that Valve had finally responded to EA’s blistering accusation that Steam is just like Target, we noted that they essentially won the argument. They, via Development Chief Jason Holtman, did this mostly by pointing out how well Steam works and how successful it’s been for both players and developers, and without comparing EA to a vampire squid, which means the company exercises considerably more restraint than I would have.

I had assumed that would be the final word on the matter, but Jason Holtman isn’t done talking. In today’s interview, he really rubbed EA’s face in it by being super cool and super bland about Origin. “We’ve noticed that Origin is there,” Holtman said. “I think there’s no discernible like ‘there’s a bump or there’s market share going’ and again, we don’t even think that way too much. So to us our business is still growing, our customers are still super happy, they still like doing what they do, our partners bringing us the content we put out are still super happy, so we haven’t noticed any changes in that happiness, building the right thing feature, we haven’t noticed any difference.”

“If Origin can make millions of people happy too,” he added, no doubt with his diamond grill catching the gleam of nearby lights, “awesome.”


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