Valve “Probably” Done With Single-Player-Only Experiences

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Posted on April 26, 2011, Phil Owen Valve “Probably” Done With Single-Player-Only Experiences

Goeff Keighley went behind the scenes on Portal 2 and came back with The Final Hours of Portal 2, a production chronicle of sorts. He also came out with a weird bit of news that he says comes straight from the mouth of Gabe Newell.

Portal 2 will probably be Valve’s last game with an isolated single-player experience. What this all means is something Newell is still trying to figure out.

If that turns out to be the case, it’s absolute horses–t. This would mean that no future Valve game would have an experience like that of Half-Life, the game that put Valve on the map.

I haven’t played the co-op campaign on Portal 2 yet. Why? Two reasons: PSN is down, and my schedule is incompatible with that of my friends. I’m not complaining, though, because I still had the single-player part that I could and did play, and I enjoyed it greatly.

I’m not a Left4Dead fan because it’s a co-op experience; there just isn’t enough there for me to justify buying it since I’ll mostly be playing alone. It’s always been fun when I managed to get someone to play it with me, but that never happened often enough.

There’s a reason you don’t see me reviewing big multiplayer games very often.

I think I might be less excited about the prospect of HL2 Ep. 3 now.

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