Valve Reaffirms its Belief that PCs are the Future

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Posted on June 28, 2008, Chris Valve Reaffirms its Belief that PCs are the Future

As if you didn’t have enough reassurance after all of those claims that PC gaming was dead, Valve’s Gabe Newell has chimed in once again and explained why his company is such a strong supporter of the platform, and why things like Steam and Audiosurf are proof that PC gaming is very much alive. And, naturally, World of Warcraft will come up in any argument for PC gaming.

“Until recently, the fact that World of Warcraft was generating 120 million dollars in gross revenue on a monthly basis was completely off the books,” Newell said. “Essentially, [Blizzard is] creating a new Iron Man every month, in terms of the gross revenue they’re generating as a studio. Any movie studio would be shouting about that from the rooftops. But it was essentially invisible.”

He even went so far as to proclaim that the MMO is “arguably the most valuable entertainment franchise in any media right now,” which is certainly a bold claim.

A colleague of Newell’s, Valve business developer Jason Holtman, had an interesting point when he spoke of the potential that lies in untapped markets.

“PC’s are everywhere in the world,” Holtman said. “PC’s are the same all over the world. All of sudden, if you can open up emerging markets and go somewhere like Russia or South East Asia, you’ve gone way further than you can go with a closed console. There are 17 million PC gaming customers in Russia alone.”

You can read more about Valve’s pimping of the PC over at Eurogamer.

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