Valve relent on Team Fortress 2 bugged crates

By FileTrekker 4 years ago, last updated 4 years ago

Incase you didn't know, Team Fortress 2's in-game trading economy had a meltdown last week, when a bug caused players to be gifted huge numbers of rare, unusual hats. Even though the bug was fixed within a day, and the hats trade-locked, the damage was done.

The hats that were accidently gifted to players were very rare indeed, they came from old item creates no longer found, and were around only for a short period. The so-called "unusual hats" are some of the most rare and sought-after items in the game.

It seems now though that Valve have softened their stance slightly on the whole affair. While all the rare hats were initially trade-locked when the bug was discovered, the company are now allowing players to trade one of the hats they have been accidentally gifted as a gesture of goodwill.

They're also issuing refunds for any crates that you purchased that unlocked a boat-load of said hats, if you obtained more than one, with the company promising refunds will go live  the next week or so.

Some players actually deleted the hats, scared they were going to get banned for cheating or doing something wrong when they opened one of the bugged crates. These deleted hats will be restored, with the same restrictions, with the first one unlocked tradeable.


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