Valve: “S–tty Games Are Much Worse for Us As An Industry Overall”

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Posted on April 24, 2012, CJ Miozzi Valve: “S–tty Games Are Much Worse for Us As An Industry Overall”

Valve co-founder Gabe Newell believes that the biggest problem plaguing the video game industry is poor-quality games. Not only do such games deter players from particular franchises or developers, but they can also sour video game neophytes to the entire gaming experience.

Speaking on the Seven Day Cooldown podcast, Newell said:

“We’re really still at the phase where there are so many more people who aren’t playing games than those who are. The reality is, anyone who plays a great game and has a great time is more likely to buy another game. Our biggest issue is that shitty games are much worse for us as an industry overall.

“It’s not like you go ‘oh good that customer has dollars in their pocket, they can spend them on my game’. It’s more like they just aren’t going to buy games in general, or go do something else with their time, [if they play a game they don’t enjoy].”

I love that Newell speaks in such frank terms, and he said quite a bit during the Seven Day Cooldown podcast, potentially hinting at Half-Life 3 and discussing Origin’s failings.

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