Valve Tosses Half-Life Jokes into Counter Strike: Global Offensive (PICS)

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Posted on January 19, 2012, Phil Hornshaw Valve Tosses Half-Life Jokes into Counter Strike: Global Offensive (PICS)

Oh Valve, you magnificent group of glorious bastards, you. How you love to taunt us, extending the hand of friendship and Half-Life information, only for us to find a waiting shock buzzer in your palm.

Counter Strike: Global Offensive is currently in closed beta, but that hasn’t stopped a few users from leaking a bit of playful Valve needling hidden away in the game. It comes in the form of a few in-gags left on walls and whiteboards in the as-yet-unreleased office map that’s in the game but not in the beta. Despite the map not being there, as one user discovered, several art assets are.

Those art assets mostly suggest some ribbing on Valve’s part, directed both at us and at itself. There are a few references to the Half-Life series and a few to Counter Strike itself. I doubt there’s much else to be gleaned from these — they don’t seem to be hints, but rather just goofy stuff used to fill out maps and scenes. But they are frustratingly delicious.

Via Kotaku.

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