Valve Working to Improve Steam Offline Mode

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Posted on November 4, 2013, CJ Miozzi Valve Working to Improve Steam Offline Mode

You know how Steam makes you log on every so often, even when you’re in offline mode? That is not working as intended, Valve has revealed via an official forum response.

According to Valve representative Henryg, the developer is working on improving Steam’s offline mode and eliminating issues. He wrote:

“There are many components involved in Offline Mode. Some of them have known issues and bugs which we are continually working to improve. We’re aware that it doesn’t always work as flawlessly as we want it to, but please keep reporting bugs with Offline Mode. It is not broken ‘by design’.”

Henryg revealed that the occasional log-on is not a design feature:

“Offline Mode is designed to be indefinite. You can’t access any of Steam’s online features such as friends lists or saved game synchronization, of course, but the client should allow you to run in Offline Mode for as long as you like.”

He also explained that Valve is in the process of converting every Steam game to a new authentication procedure:

“Some day soon, once this work is completed, we will eliminate the old authentication system (represented by the ClientRegistry.blob file) and Offline Mode should immediately become much more robust.”

Why did it take so long for us to find out about this? Henryg wrote:

“We have no community managers or PR people, so all the time that we spend on forums is taking away from development time.”

via PC Gamer

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