Valve’s VR Headset Makes Appearance at Boston VR Jam

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Posted on June 3, 2014, Stew Shearer Valve’s VR Headset Makes Appearance at Boston VR Jam

New details and images have emerged about Valve’s in-house VR headset.

The company’s head mounted display was showcased recently at a recent Boston VR jam. The company apparently allowed visitors to take pictures ad speak with Valve staff members about the developing hardware. One such visitor was Reddit user Jonomf who subsequently shared some pictures and impressions. According to Jonomf, Valve’s HMD features “dual vertical S4 screens, running a total of 2160×1280, with white IR-reflective dots on the shell.” The HMD also used a Unity plugin which allowed attendees to run and play their jam games in the headset itself.

Valve itself, meanwhile, came to the event with a package of demos that it had previously shown off earlier this year. That said, according to Jonomf, members of Valve’s staff apparently also described an in-the-works demo based on Dota 2.

“[Valve] mentioned offhandedly that they have a Dota 2 VR experience where you see the entire game arena sitting on a table in front of you and can bend down to inspect any piece of the action,” said Jonomf. “They also mentioned a life-size Dota 2 VR experience where you’re hanging out in a lane watching the heroes fight; they said it was very scary.”

Valve, of course, has said that it has no intention of selling its own homegrown VR hardware and will instead be working with the Oculus Rift. That said, with Oculus being purchased by Facebook earlier this year, it could be up in the air as to whether or not that situation will change.

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