Vampire Bloodlines – The Undead Game That Refuses to Die Has Another Unofficial Patch

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Posted on May 15, 2008, Shawn Sines Vampire Bloodlines – The Undead Game That Refuses to Die Has Another Unofficial Patch


Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines fans have put out another unofficial patch for Troika’s favorite bit of the World of Darkness. Patch 5.3 restores the Jeanette scene for females and tweaks the new stealth rules among other things. The patch is available in two flavors as always. You can patch from 5.2-5.3 or from the vanilla official patch. You can grab them both on FileFront. The official unofficial patch notes follow the break.

v5.3 15.05.2008
+Tweaked new stealth rules and made rating visible at Tawni’s place.
+Made first person view melee fighting possible, thanks to Offkorn.
+Restored plus conditions for hg firearms, computer and dodge books.
+Made braid raise perception and improved Fu Syndicate test timing.
Fixed blood return and purge and added xp for hacking freezer code.
Removed warehouse bum before cutscene and made tubes not sellable.
Added some idle expressions to Gimble and Jack during the tutorial.
Fixed minor dialogue bugs, a Dane computer issue and version info.
Restored Jeanette scene for females and Larry’s quest for everyone.
Prevented surplus CD quest email and corrected Maria dress detail.
Fixed Beckett’s scholarship bonus and Pearl item, thanks to MooCHa.
Removed Tzimisce creation burning death and an Empire door handle.
Fixed occasion of Yukie not getting her sword and minor map issues.
Corrected looping conversation and look-through duct at warehouse.
Restored beach house inspection and changed Eldritch Prodigy bonus.
Corrected wrong newspaper icons and restored valve and oven icons.
Replaced sky at the Ocean House hotel to get rid of oversized moon.

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