VGAs 2011: BioShock Infinite Trailer

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Posted on December 10, 2011, Ross Lincoln VGAs 2011: BioShock Infinite Trailer

Without delay, here’s the trailer for BioShock Infinite that premiered at tonight’s VGAs.

We’ve long known that the third game in the BioShock series was going to be a dramatic scene and setting change, from an undersea civilization to a floating city in the sky. But we finally have a close look at just how that’s going to look in play (a welcome change after a lengthy period of not seeing very much at all). A few things stand out:

* The statue at the beginning is, I assume, of someone associated with the founding of Columbia, but notice how it’s apparently a glammed up Teddy Roosevelt? Teddy is of course the president associated the most with America’s emergence as a world power, symbolized by his sending the US Naval fleet on a voyage around the world. I assume Comstock’s aesthetic is intended to evoke that and perhaps this plays into the game’s alternate history. Perhaps, instead of sending the American fleet worldwide, he sends Columbia instead, to some disastrous results.

* Speaking of, BSI takes place in 1912, which is interesting in that it’s the same year that Teddy Roosevelt publicly broke with the Republican party to run against William Taft as a progressive Bull Moose Candidate. This split the national vote and sent Woodrow Wilson into the White House. Not only did this ultimately lead to US involvement in World War 1, it also saw the first time institutional racism was enacted at the Federal level (Wilson was a HUGE racist). We all know how that kind of racism is going to be a big part of BSI, but I wonder if election going on back in America has any significance to the plot.

* If BioShock was about the end result of a wingnut paradise gone wrong and BS2 was about… well, it was muddled but apparently about collectivism, BSI is absolutely about the gilded age and the horrible income disparities that resulted. I can’t wait to see if those themes are taken to their logical conclusion ala Red Faction: Guerilla and the original BioShock’s searing critique of Objectivism.

* Will The Circle Be Unbroken is a popular hymn from the era, but the rendition here conjures up images of the post-civil war USA, a war that was still very much in living memory for many people in 1912. I’m curious if it’s meant to make the war in Columbia (the city that BSI takes place in) feel analagous, or if there’s a connection to that earlier conflict.

* “This trailer was made entirely from in-game footage.” So there’s our verification it’s going to look spectacular.

* Is it just me, or does Columbia remind anyone else of some significant scenes in Bulletstorm?

Those are just a few initial thoughts. Let us know what you think in comments.

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