VGAs 2011: Transformers: The Fall Of Cybertron

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Posted on December 10, 2011, Ross Lincoln VGAs 2011: Transformers: The Fall Of Cybertron

So there are these giant robots. For some reason, they transform into vehicles. I know, but it was the 80s. A crazy time. I still don’t remember half of it, and that isn’t just because I was really young. I mean, who the hell wants to ride around inside a car that at any time could turn into a giant robot, and presumably, crush you? Didn’t anyone watch Macross? Also, why would they turn into vehicles before meeting people who could ride in them?

Anyway, it seems these robots came fro a robot planet, and that planet has been ripped apart by civil war. Which is why the haunting civil war hymn is playing in this trailer, which premiered tonight at the VGAs. You know what? I have no idea what happens, aside from bumblebee getting killed, apparently, and Optimus Prime weeping. But these graphics look pretty insane, don’t they?

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