VGAs 2011: Zelda Franchise First Ever Inductee Into The Video Game Hall of Fame

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Posted on December 10, 2011, Ross Lincoln VGAs 2011: Zelda Franchise First Ever Inductee Into The Video Game Hall of Fame

Spike TV has created what some may argue is long overdue and some may feel is a dangerous move toward ossified irrelevance*, the Video Game Hall of Fame, and the first indctee is the, ahem, legendary Legend of Zelda franchise. Shigeru Miyamoto made a charming appearance to accept, and reminded me of why I was such a super Nintendo fanboy for so many years. Seriously, there’s just something kind of wonderfully wholesome about the culture of Nintendo, right? One thing he did not talk about was the rumor, since denied, that he would be stepping down. So don’t ask!

*I confess. I feel this way. BOOO Hall of fames! They turn living culture into museum fixtures! That’s bad! But if we have to have a hall of fame, then I support this selection if only because it’s a perfect depiction of how lackluster Miyamoto’s output has been in recent years. The man is a genius and undeniably one of the all-time most important figures in gaming, but he’s been essentially reiterating past successes for more than a decade.

This being the first ever inductee, we can’t say for certain, but it appears the VGHoF is going the Rock and Roll hall of fame route by requiring a 25 year span since original publication in order to qualify. If true, then there’s a lot of old, forgotten games that seriously deserve the recognition. Let us know in comments what you’d like to see, or if you’d even like to see any.

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