Video Game Bill in New York Becomes Law; Changes Nothing

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Posted on July 22, 2008, Jonathan Video Game Bill in New York Becomes Law; Changes Nothing

*Sigh* Sit down, kids, and let me tell you what being in politics means. Basically, it means constantly trying to get laws passed and never bothering to check if these laws will actually change anything. What’s that, Billy? Yes, you still get paid for this. You get paid assloads of cash in fact. You want an example? Well, New York governor David Paterson recently signed a bill into law that will have the state exploring the negative impact of violent video games. Sure, that’s not so strange, but what is strange are the parts of the bill that “require new video game consoles to have parental lockout features by 2010, and mandate that games sold at retail disclose the ratings obtained from the gaming industry’s voluntary rating system.” Why, you’re right again, Billy. Those two things are already in place. But there’s more to this, as ESA Senior VP of Communications, Richard Taylor, says:

The state has ignored legal precedent, common sense and the wishes of many New Yorkers in enacting this unnecessary bill. This government intrusion will cost taxpayers money and impose unconstitutional mandates for activities and technologies that are already voluntarily in place. It also unfairly singles out the videogame industry over all other forms of media. One wonders where this overreach by government in New York will end. If New York lawmakers feel it is the role of government to convene a government commission on game content, they could next turn to other content such as books, theater and film.

Well, Billy, how about it? Are you okay with making a career out of wasting everyone’s time and money? Then you’ve got a bright future in politics, my boy.

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