Video Games at Work Are a Fashionable Trend

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Posted on August 7, 2007, Andrew Video Games at Work Are a Fashionable Trend

mame-arcade-style.jpgGod bless companies run by people young enough to remember what it feels like to get laid for the first time. They really get that when you’re happy, you tend to work harder. has an interesting news piece about companies using “unconventional tactics to keep twenties something’s [sic] happy at work.” This includes ping pong, and yes, video games. If you ask me, that’s an awesome combination.

The company featured in the article is, which helps Facebook and MySpace users individualize their pages. What they have going there should be an inspiration, but obviously the idea of fun and work don’t go together all that well for most “old” companies. But the main thing that should be given attention: it’s increasing productivity.

I’ve worked for a number of different companies in the Bay Area, and one of them not only had an arcade-style MAME in the office, they also had beer on tap, albeit it was for the clientèle. But that didn’t mean employees couldn’t drink with the clientèle. :smile:


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