Video Games Blamed For Shooting Death, No Proof

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Posted on April 26, 2007, admin Video Games Blamed For Shooting Death, No Proof

A gun shot rings out in the next room and the woman thinks nothing of it.A man lies dying and identifies his killer.A video game console sits idly waiting for interaction.You know who’s getting the blame here.


You know I get tired of reporting this crap.Yes I know I have options, the easiest being to simply ignore these stories, but will that really do anyone any good?Folks its high time we stop looking for things and people to blame.I could blame Oxhorn for the fact that I can’t stop saying things like “chak’n noob” and “roflmao“.I could blame Spike TV for giving Brian Crecente so much airtime that I can’t go to a LAN with being mobbed.And I could blame FileFront for my pasty white skin and fear of the Sun.But when the day is done folks, despite what you see on TV, despite what music you listen too, despite what beverage you drinking, what fast food you’re eating, what vice your wasting your money on, and despite what game you’re playing, it’s up to you.When you see these stories in the wild call them for what they are.Ask why we need to blame anything other than the people that cause the problems.And when a lawyer, a cop, a politician, a preacher, a doctor, a wack job, or your dear aunt Suzie tell you “the ______ made that person do it”, set them straight.They did it themselves.

Don’t ignore the Monks though, their Kung Fu is strong.

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