Video Games Coming to a Workplace Near You

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Posted on June 5, 2007, Andrew Video Games Coming to a Workplace Near You

video-games-workplace.jpgVideo games at work is a rising trend in America. And I think it’s even more brilliant than a designated nap room, actually.

Entrepeneur.com has an article detailing the new wave of progressive offices which are creating specific areas for their employees to get their game on. For instance, those employees at Critical Mass can find themselves having a blast with co-workers in their game room throughout the day.

These offices should be an inspiration to corporate America, because let’s face it, so many cubicle-bound employees find themselves amidst casual gaming sites for hundreds if not thousands of hours every year. Users of sites like PopCapGames and AddictingGames.com are rising in number because of the way you can start up and leave a game in a quick moment, just enough time before the boss walks by.

There’s a notion that corporate America is missing when they think about profitability, and that is the happiness of employees. More often than not, the happier you are the better you do at your job.

And really, younger employees may very well be able to play a game or two of Halo 2 in the middle of the day, only to come back to their desks refreshed and ready to work.

I think it’s splendid. In fact, I think I’m going to stop working right now and play some video games.

Starcraft, anyone?


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