Video Games Helping Kids with ADHD

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Posted on August 25, 2007, Andrew Video Games Helping Kids with ADHD

adhd-child.jpgI’ve always thought video games are better than Adderall, and it looks like some medical researchers are starting to think this as well.

American researchers published a study last week about the benefits of non-medical intervention in the treatment of Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder, and how the treatment has been highly effective for combating ADHD in pre-schoolers. Now, the University of Sydney wants to use video games with built-in biofeedback controls as a part of non-medical treatment.

We’ve mentioned before about biofeedback video games in Austin, but it looks like some of the same type of research is being conducted in Sydney, Australia as well. Scientists at the University of Sydney are asking for parent volunteers for their study to have their children, both with ADHD and without, to take part in this research.

Basically, the video game monitors heart rate and brainwave patterns to monitor how much concentration a child can gather while focusing on a video game. If a child’s brainwaves and heart rate drop below a certain level, indicating lack of concentration and focus, the child will lose control of the video game.

Not bad, science.

via The Sydney Morning Herald

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