Video Games Influencing Kids To Do Drugs?

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Posted on June 25, 2007, Daniel Video Games Influencing Kids To Do Drugs?

OK, this violent video games “influencing” kids thing has got to stop. A new commercial from has been released. In the commercial, a character from a GTA type game talks to a mom about her kids and drugs. In the video, the character asks “You don’t want your children to end up like me, do ya?”, which starts a dialog that I can only describe as pure diarrhea. First off, that question alone makes no sense. Is he asking if the mom wants her kids to become a fictional character in a video game?

Further on in the video, the character reveals that pretty much all he does is smoke weed and cause trouble. I don’t recall any video games giving you the ability to just sit around in a house all day, smoking doobies and eating Doritos until your pregnant girlfriend comes home from working at the Gap. That kind of game really wouldn’t go well with critics.

I’m wondering why this blaming others campaign is the new thing to do when it comes to the media. How many times have you heard a news story where a video game, TV, or radio show were blamed for something a child did? What happened to blaming the parents or child themselves for their own mistakes? When that dumb girl fell down the well back in the 80′s, did they blame E.T. or anything else? This “point the finger” tactic really has to be put to an end and soon.

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