Video Games May Affect Toddlers Learning Abilities

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Posted on October 2, 2007, Andrew Video Games May Affect Toddlers Learning Abilities

toddler-video-gaming.jpgDon’t let your toddlers play video games, assuming they can even pick up the controllers.

According to the Nigerian Tribune, which is apparently a publication of Nigeria, toddlers of a certain age had trouble picking up on language development when introduced to video games, cartoons and other visual media.

“For every hour a day spent watching baby DVDs, cartoons, video, video games, etc, infants between the ages of eight and 16 months old understood an average of six to eight fewer words more than infants who did not watch any one of them. The baby’s DVDs or video had no positive or negative effects on the vocabulary of toddlers ages 17 to 24 months”, Fredrick Zimmerman, an associate professor of Health Services at the University of Washington and Seattle Children’s Hospital Research Institute, said in the article.

The findings were from a study which included 1,000 families with toddlers, and scientists concluded that there was no positive effects from playing video games or watching cartoons.

What video games were they playing? If drooling into a controller was part of the gameplay, that’s awesome.

via Nigeran Tribune

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