Videogames Targeted for Inciting Wildlife "Thrill Kills"

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Posted on December 11, 2008, Shawn Sines Videogames Targeted for Inciting Wildlife "Thrill Kills"

Videogames are today’s most popular scapegoat. This form of entertainment has been blamed for corrupting the morals of our youth and provoking stabbings, shootings and maimings. The latest article invoking the “videogames made them do it” excuse is on wildlife “Thrills Kills”.

The author rails against the growing number of wanton animal killings. Slaughtered geese, deer and moose have been dropped and left to rot. Of course this is all done by 15-22 year old men who play mindless videogames. He goes as far as to say that he can see these kids jumping up from their PCs to go hunt down some animals for the thrill of it.

This article isn’t the most ridiculous thing I’ve read, but its close to it. Pushing buttons and maneuvering joysticks is practically a training sim to prepare you for purchasing cleaning, aiming and firing a gun. Most of the gamers I know aren’t big on the outdoors thus their choice of hobbies. As for the majority of U.S. citizens, the closest we get to wildlife is roadkill or the local zoo. Finally I don’t think humanity has ever needed an excuse to indulge in wanton killing.

You can read the entire piece on Thrill Killing in the American Spectator. Its good for a laugh. Interestingly enough What They Play called the library where Croke says he watched kids blowing each other away on videogames. The Salmon Idaho Public Library says it doesn’t carry games.

Thanks to GamePolitics for the heads up.

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