Vikingr — Mount & Blade Mod

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Posted on March 7, 2011, CJ Miozzi Vikingr — Mount & Blade Mod

No, Vikingr is not a typo–it’s the name of a mod for Mount & Blade: Warband, based on the Old Norse word for Viking.

Vikingr recreates the golden age (or would crimson age be more fitting?) of the Vikings, with an emphasis on historical realism and enjoyment. This mod features four new factions: the Anglo-Saxons, Vikingr, Normans, and Kiev Rus, with each given an extensive selection of historically accurate weapons.

A new multiplayer game mode is added, named Raid. Players get to pillage and burn settlements, slay defenders and villagers, then loot the relics of the nearby church or storehouse. Or, if pillaging isn’t your thing, you can choose to fight as the defenders, with a chance to respawn as a villager or a monk.

Other features:

– Class limitations! Fight with the axe and the shield or dedicate yourself to the bow. Free yourself from the archer-heavy realms of Native Warband. Place yourself into Vikingr and experience melee brawling not seen in any other mod.
– Blow the summoning horn and plant the standard to claim your ground.
– Rally about the standard! Regroup and remuster your strength…A standard bearer for each faction provides the fighting bonuses that can often turn the tide of battle.
– Stunning landscapes, courtesy of Polished Landscapes.
– Sound is key to immersion. Turn up the music and partake in the shield-wall to the sounds of battle.
– Faction specific war-cries and taunting.
– Crouching! That’s right, you may now take and make use of real cover. Make yourself small and keep hidden until the time to attack is right.
– Faction specific war-cries and taunting.
– New animations tied into the scripts. Taunt your enemy, bash your weapon against the shield. Find yourself as a spear-man in the fyrd, alternate spear modes now gift freedom in the attack.
– Completely overhauled combat balance.

Download Vikingr from GameFront right here!.

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