Violent Games Are Good for You

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Posted on July 13, 2010, Phil Owen Violent Games Are Good for You

manhuntSo says a study by Texas A&M International.

“In this study, 103 young adults were given a frustration task and then randomized to play no game, a non-violent game, a violent game with good versus evil theme, or a violent game in which they played ,the bad guy.’ The results suggest that violent games reduce depression and hostile feelings in players through mood management,” said Dr. Christopher J. Ferguson, who ran the study. More after the jump.

He had another quote in the TAMIU press release about the study that basically begins the process of legitimizing something we hardcore gamers have known all along: that playing Manhunt is beneficial to our mental health.

“It probably won’t come to a surprise to gamers that playing games may reduce stress,” Ferguson said, “although others have been skeptical of this idea. This is the first study that explores this idea, however. It does seem that playing violent games may help reduce stress and make people less depressed and hostile.”

Yay! I feel like this is a pretty big deal, though it certainly isn’t the definitive statement on the topic of video games and violence. Rather, it’s just the beginning, but it’s a good beginning.

Sadly, not being a psychologist or nothin’, I can’t break this down for you all that well, but Games Politics can. So go there.

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