Violent Video Games Cure Combat Stress?

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Posted on August 8, 2007, Andrew Violent Video Games Cure Combat Stress?

psychology1.jpgWar is hell, and apparently violent video games can help you deal with it. So the army is getting into it.

This is all according to an article on The Strategy Page, an obvious pro-military site which, oddly, does not cite any specific sources for the information. But if indeed it’s accurate, the army has been increasingly using violent video game to help soldiers deal with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, a common stress-related reaction to being in combat.

The article states that troops have been playing violent video games after going into combat to help them unwind, and it evidently helps them relax. And historically, soldiers have sought stressful entertainment to help them cope with the battles.

Assuming that violent video games successfully treat PTSD, it would help to open up a new way of dealing with and studying the psychological effects of violent video games. The traditional thinking is that there are certain children who are, without a doubt, psychologically unbalanced and should be kept away from violence. But maybe there’s a necessity in playing them which helps people deal with it.

via The Strategy Page

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