Virtually Halloween: Celebrate With Your Favorite MMO

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Posted on October 26, 2007, Shawn Sines Virtually Halloween: Celebrate With Your Favorite MMO


Whether you celebrate Halloween, Samhain, Day of the Dead, or the Harvest Festival; autumn is a very magical, mystical time of year. Gaming Today looked into MMORPGs celebrating the holiday and were overwhelmed with the number of games with festivals and celebrations honoring this time of year.

We found events tend to fall into two categories; celebrations that occur in the game world and real time contests and promotions. Take a look at some of what MMOs are offering players this Halloween.

wow_hh.jpgWorld of Warcraft; Hallows End (October 18th-November 1st) – The Azeroth festival of Hallows End returns this year. Players of the gamDarke (either faction) can speak with innkeepers to earn their own treat bags. Throughout the world there’ll be a number of festival quests and mini games for players to participate in, but the penultimate Hallow’s End event is the summoning and confrontation of the Headless Horse at the Scarlet Monastery graveyard. Defeating the horseman yields special drops exclusive to this event.

Players may join in the Wickerman Festival just outside the Undercity every evening. Horde characters are challenged to fog the Alliance town of South Shore with stink bombs. Of course the Alliance must be there to drive them back.

Lord of the Rings Online: Shadows of Angmar; Harvest Festival (October 26th -November 11th) – Middle-earth is preparing to celebrate bringing in the crops with the first annual Harvest Festival. Throughout the lands players will be invited to visit holiday vendors and take on Harvest quests to earn unique festival items.

Players can also try their hand at horse racing to win a horse race token that can be used to purchase a Harvest Festival horse. The Harvest Festival will host four games including bobbing for apples in the Shire and geode picking with the Dwarves to earn Harvest Festival tokens that can be used to buy special festival items. A new collection of quests enables players to harvest the crops they planted during the Summer Solstice Festival in June and earn a special item for their house. There will also be dancing quests with new race-specific dance emotes as a reward.

madkingkamadan-page.jpgGuild Wars; The Mad King Returns (October 26th – 11:59 p.m. Pacific time on October 31st) – Mad King Thorn will return to Guild Wars, haunting the Tyrian port of Lion’s Arch and the Elonian port of Kamadan. Thorn has a variety of new jokes and mini-games to bewitch players, and will reward participants with a variety of special Halloween items.

Lion’s Arch and Kamadan will be decorated for the holidays, presenting the perfect back drop for a”photo op.” Strange and eccentric collectors will give out spooky rewards for various items. Players can amuse themselves with the Teller of Tales and his stories of woe, or join the new costume brawl dressed as one of many famous Guild Wars characters to compete for rewards.

gw2006winner.jpgIn the meantime, players are still waiting for an announcement of the winning entries for The Guild Wars Halloween Art Contest 2007. This was the third years ArenaNet has run the contest. The picture to the right is last year’s winning entry.

EverQuest 2; Nights of the Dead (October 26th – November 5th) – EverQuest 2‘s annual Nights of the Dead starts tomorrow. In North Qeynos or West Freeport you can go trick or treating with the Gigglegibbers collecting candy from NPCs to exchange for Halloween rewards or explore the Haunted House and free spirits from their haunting curse. Antonica has a special holiday quest line in which you must solve the mystery of McQuibble’s Farm and save Ponchy’s pies culminating with the confrontation of the Scarecrow King and his minions. There will also be a “hair raising” All Hallows Eve raid.

Final Fantasy XI; Harvest Festival (October 18th – November 1st) – Southern San d’Oria, Northern San d’Oria
Bastok Mines, Bastok Markets, Windurst Waters and Windurst Woods are taking part in the Final Fantasy XI Harvest Festival. Bomb decorations adorn the streets of the three nations, specialty shops are dealing in seasonal items, and even merchants have joined in the fun by donning colorful costumes.

This year’s special event, the Wake of the Lilies, is akin to last year’s Dark Lilies. Exorcist NPCs have made their annual trek to the festival, and are giving out quests to brave or full hardy players. Keep an eye out for helpful Moogles hovering about the streets.

Dark Age of Camelot; Halloween Festivities (The Month of October) – In honor of Halloween, DAoC is bursting with spirit. Meath, Erikstaad, and Caerwent are hosting treat sellers. Consignment merchants will change into costumes with the right encouragement. Inside Camelot, Jordheim, and Tir na Nog three women are selling costume potions. Even the horses are getting into the spirit of things

Ghosts haunt the city streets at night, and “something strange has happened to all of the puppies.” For players level 45 and up the Ghostly Harvest Quest offers players a dangerous adventure in the frontiers.

nexus-batgirl.jpgCity of Heroes/City of Villains; The Nexus Crisis Masquerade (October 27th) The City of Heroes/Villains MMO is planning a live Halloween celebration. Players can purchase tickets to the first annual Nexus Crisis Masquerade in New York City. The event will be hosted at the Breffini Inn Bar, courtesy of Guests 21 and up will be treated to film creator Chris .R. Notarile screening “Methodic”, The Doom Maidens Performance Wrestlers, Jared the Conjuror’ s magic act, and dancing all night to DJ CeeJr and DJ Yiorgo. Everyone will have a chance to win door prizes and some really cool corporate donated prizes will go to those with the best costumes.

Star Wars Galaxies; Pumpkin Challenge and Haunted Showcase - The Pumpkin Challenge is a real life pumpkin carving contest with submissions due by October 30. The Haunted Showcase is a virtual contest for a Halloween themed SWG structure or event to be submitted by 12:00pm PDT October 29th.

Lineage II: the Chaotic Throne; Trick or Transmutation (October 26th – November 6th) – Players of Lineage II will be getting into the holiday spirit by finding keys to unlock mysterious Alchemist’s Chests which contain materials needed to craft one of six different Philosopher’s Stones. They can then use the Philosopher’s Stones to summon rare and valuable rewards, including scrolls, potions, A-Grade weapons, and even some new head accessories never before available in the lands of Aden or Elmore.

rgtr_mask.jpgRichard Garriott’s Tabula Rasa; Halloween Pre-order Event (October 31) – Tabula Rasa is offering pre-order players the chance to run missions spreading Halloween goodies and receive special Halloween masks as a treat from the Dev Team. There are 9 special masks to collect.

Sword of the New World: Granado Espada; The Dead Captain (October) – October 1.

0sees the return of The Dead Captain event which runs on multiple level ranges so all players have a shot to participate.

Asheron’s Call; Festival Season (October 2007) – On Asheron’s Call, new masks have been added for the Festival season and the Majestic Pumpkin and the Festival vendors will also be making their return along with the seasonal creatures we all know and love. enjoy the Masked Memories event and the Arena of the Pumpkin King.

MapleStory; – Don costumes from the Cash Shop to explore two new Halloween maps which are destined to become a permanent part of MapleStory. Players can trade candy from monster drops to witch Malady for a Pumpkin Basket weapon. The website is hosting to real life contests; a candy guess and a costume contest for Maple Points.

Anarchy Online; Something Wicked This Way Comes (the week of Halloween) – Rubi-Ka is enveloped in a dark fog and has special Halloween themed items to offer like the Deathrider hoverbike. Players can hunt Uncle Pumpkin head and his cousin for special costume and item drops or Trick or Treat with Draculeet and Frankenleet for old and new missions to earn Halloween themed loot.

Other MMOs that are running Halloween events are 2 Moons with its Candy Event, Myth Wars All Hallows Eve Celebration, Tales of Pirates Halloween Activities and Hellbreath USA Halloween Events.

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