Visceral: Dead Space 2 for NGP Wouldn’t Be a Port

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Posted on January 28, 2011, Phil Hornshaw Visceral: Dead Space 2 for NGP Wouldn’t Be a Port

Visceral Games is all about spreading the Dead Space universe across a bunch of different media, and the company is excited about the implications of moving Dead Space to Sony’s new NGP — but it wouldn’t be a port of an existing game, and it wouldn’t be at the expense of quality.

That’s what Ian Milham, one of Dead Space’s creators and the game’s art director, told CVG.

‘I’m absolutely interested in bringing Dead Space 2 to other platforms in the future, what’s key to us though is that we don’t do ports. We don’t do shabby conversions onto whatever platform it may be.

‘When we did Dead Space Extraction it was a quality game that uses and plays to the Wii’s strengths, which is the same as the movies and comic books,’ he said.

‘They’re not just tie-ins, they do a great job at whatever that particular media does.

‘When it comes to the [PSP2] or any other future platforms I’d be into it but I’d want to do something that plays to that platforms strengths rather than just a feeble version of a port.’

Sounds like Milham knows what he’s talking about as far as quality (except for Dead Space Ignition, that game was kind of terrible). Iron Monkey Studios’ Dead Space conversion for Apple’s iDevices is quite a quality game, and while it captures the Dead Space atmosphere, it’s not (quite) a straight port. It at least has its own story and environments.

According to Sony, most of the big franchise games we’ve seen on its NGP so far aren’t ports, but games being made specifically for the platform. So good news — if Dead Space joins them, you won’t feel like you’re paying for the same game twice. Hopefully.

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