Vivox Station Voice Coming to SOE MMOs

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Posted on July 31, 2008, Shawn Sines Vivox Station Voice Coming to SOE MMOs

Sony has announced that starting next month Star Wars Galaxies and EverQuest II players will have access to Vivox’s Station Voice. This in-game chat program will be free with paid subscriptions. SOE has plans to integrate Station Voice into it’s other MMOs including The Agency in the future.

The initial launch of Station Voice will allow players to:

  • Talk person-to-person in game with any microphone and headset combo
  • Chat with their party, guild or any other group in game
  • Play and communicate without worry of a significant increase in game lag
  • Manage group/user participation with moderator controls
  • Individually mute and set volume per user
  • Set up easily without the need for separate software, accounts or registration

SOE plans to integrate more features into Station Voice later this year including voice fonts and the ability to connect to games from Station Launcher. Anyone who uses the Station Launcher, whether they subscribe to a SOE MMO or not will be able to use Station Voice.

For MMO players that like to keep in touch with voice chat, this will be great. Running a seperate chat program like Skype can bog down your system in some cases. If Station Voice works as well as advertised that is.

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