Wacky Jacky Subpoenas George W. Bush

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Posted on September 6, 2007, Stephany Wacky Jacky Subpoenas George W. Bush

wacky jackyJack Thompson has filed documents with a federal court in Florida requesting to subpoena President George W. Bush for a deposition to retain Thompson’s license to practice law. Thompson, the bane of gamers everywhere, is in the midst of two ethic complaints which were filed by the Florida Bar and will face a court appointed mediator on November 26th. Wacky Jacky is currently suing the mediator, Judge Dava Tunis, along with the Florida Supreme Court and the Florida Bar.

Thompson’s reasons for subpoenaing The President are a bit esoteric and would make great fodder for an X-Files episode or anything else in the realm of conspiracy theories and Science Fiction. This bit of paranoia stems from the “nefarious” Blank Rome law firm, which represents the defendants in the Strickland vs. Sony lawsuit where an 18-year old in Alabama was allegedly under the influence of Grand Theft Auto when he murdered two police officers and a police dispatcher in 2004. Apparently, the “evil” Blank Rome firm are lobbyists as well as Republican donors and Thompson believes that the law firm was the main culprit in having him thrown off the case by an Alabama Circuit Court judge in November, 2005.

The Bar complaints filed by Judge Tunis are in relation to this case and Thompson’s conduct when he failed to have Bully declared a public nuisance last October.

In the document filed yesterday with the U.S. District Court, Thompson stated:

“I have already sent the George and Jeb Bush subpoenas to Referee Tunis for her signature. She may run on this, but she can’t hide. She must sign the subpoenas, as her filing [of the Thompson Bar complaints] with the federal court has made the testimony I seek in the depositions of both men highly relevant to my Bar defense. If the President’s position is that I do not get to depose him while he is in office, then I would note that Paula Jones’ lawyers were able to convince a federal judge otherwise. If President Bush is successful is convincing the court that I must wait until he leaves office, that’s something I am prepared to do.”

If indeed Thompson has to wait until President Bush leaves office in January 2009, Thompson would be able to get a dig in at the Florida Bar by making them wait to voice their complaints. But, does he actually think that President Bush would actually appear? In his own demented fantasy world, he may actually think this, but it is not very likely. Thompson is also seeking a subpoena for President Bush’s brother Jeb, the former governor of Florida – who’s next? Bush’s dogs Barney and Miss Beazley?

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