Wal-Mart Covering Up "M" Rated Games

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Published by GameFront.com 11 years ago , last updated 11 months ago

Posted on February 11, 2008, Jonathan Wal-Mart Covering Up "M" Rated Games

wal-mart1-1.jpgIt seems the retail giant known as “Wal-Mart” will soon be making another step in it’s ongoing endeavors to censor its own stock. Stores will soon begin displaying “M” rated games in a black sleeve that obscures 3/4 of the game‘s cover, much like adult magazines in many news shops.

“It is the responsibility of Wal-Mart to protect our children from potentially damaging content, such as the covers of some video games,” said a company spokesperson.

Oddly I’m not too surprised to hear that Wal-Mart’s doing this, given that they already only carry censored versions of music. It’s still pretty ridiculous though, especially since I can’t think of a single “M” rated title that has anything too offensive on its cover. Not to mention the fact that the games are encased in glass, so children can’t even inspect the back. And if they’re so concerned about the games’ content, then why are they stocking them at all? I’m so confused.

Via Scrape TV

UPDATE: We’ve just been informed by Scrape TV that this story was actually a work of satire; an excellent one at that considering a number of other sites believed it as well. In other words, it’s fake. Wal-Mart nor any other retailer is actually covering up the front of game boxes (though I’m going to add a big, fat “yet” to the end of that).

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