Wall Street Journal: Check Out Underhyped Fallout, Mass Effect 2

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Posted on January 10, 2011, Phil Hornshaw Wall Street Journal: Check Out Underhyped Fallout, Mass Effect 2

It’s pick on the middle-aged square guy day.

The Wall Street Journal, bless them, released a list entitled “The Unsung Videogame Heroes of 2010″ today, and they even sent out a press email to us video game writers asking if we’d like to link to their story. And, oh yes, we certainly would.

Here’s a quote from that email:

What did gamers miss in 2010? From Super Streetfighter 4 [sic] to God of War III, these titles may have existed under the surface in 2010, but they still deliver hours of fun for avid gamers and rookies alike, according to The Wall Street Journal.

The list goes on to chronicle “obscure” games that gamers “might have missed” in 2010 because apparently anyone who has ever touched a controller was just running around shouting “Call of Duty! Halo!” all year. Included on the list of games WSJ was afraid you might not have heard of: Fallout: New Vegas; Mass Effect 2; Street Fighter IV; God of War III; Goldeneye 007; Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II (the Wii version, though! You guys ever heard of the Wii? It’s this super-cool Japanese video game thing!); Dance Central; and Gran Turismo 5. The whole thing is just so precious!

All right, I know — it’s the Wall Street Journal. When it comes to video games, the knowledge they have and expect their readership to have is probably limited to those Black Ops commercials on TV. And I wouldn’t have done more than laugh to myself, except they shot that email around asking us if we wanted to clue you guys into these things, as if we (and you) are morons who don’t know our own business.

In fact, when I think about it that way, that was actually a bit of a douche move on WSJ’s part. Which is why I don’t mind posting this very NSFW video from High Fidelity further illustrating the point. If you don’t get it — we’re Jack Black and WSJ is the guy in the suit.


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