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Posted on December 6, 2007, Chris Want Another Lightgun? Buy Another Bundle


Apart from being an absolute disaster to set up, Time Crisis 4 doesn’t sport the most readily-available multiplayer. The game’s 2-player mode is clearly a feature of the game, yet there are no Guncon 3 units on the market. Surely, they must be coming? There must be some remedy aside from the obvious (and outright absurd) one.

The Consumerist
is running a story containing a chat transcript with a customer service rep from Namco Bandai who made it quite clear what you have to do to play with two lightguns.

Customer Service Rep: You can play the split-screen with one Guncon 3 and a controller. If you wish to play two players using two Guncon 3s then you will need another copy of Time Crisis 4.

There is some crossover here with the current Guitar Hero III and Rock Band situations, but we do know that Activision and Harmonix plan to ship additional, standalone instruments. From what we can gather based on this, you’re SOL if you want to play with two lightguns – unless, of course, you feel like dropping another $90 for a second bundle.

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