Want to Accomplish All of the Pyro Achievements Listed for TF2? Here is What You Have to Do

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Posted on June 19, 2008, Stephany Want to Accomplish All of the Pyro Achievements Listed for TF2? Here is What You Have to Do

Thanks to the wonderful link provided by iKiddo yesterday, we now know exactly what you have to do to get all the Pyro achievements listed for Team Fortress 2. Therefore, without further ado, here they are:

  1. Arsonist: Destroy 50 Engineer buildings.
  2. Attention Getter: Ignite 100 enemies with the flare gun.
  3. Baptism by Fire: Force 10 burning enemies to jump into water.
  4. BarbeQueQ: Cause a dominated player to leave the server.
  5. Burn Ward: Ignite 3 medics that are ready to deploy an Uber-charge.
  6. Camp Fire: Kill 3 enemies in a row, all within the same area.
  7. Clearcutter: Kill 6 people with your axe in one life.
  8. Combined Fire: Use your shotgun to finish off 20 players you’ve ignited.
  9. Controlled Burn: Ignite 50 enemies capturing one of your control points.
  10. Cooking the Books: Ignite 5 enemies carrying your intelligence.
  11. Dance Dance Immolation: Kill 3 enemies while they’re taunting.
  12. Dead Heat: Kill an enemy in the same second that he kills you.
  13. Fire and Forget: Kill 15 players while you’re dead.
  14. Fire Chief: Kill 1000 enemies
  15. Firefighter: Kill 500 enemies.
  16. Firewall: Ignite 5 Spies who have a sapper on a friendly building.
  17. Firewatch: Ignite 10 snipers while they are zoomed in.
  18. Freezer Burn: Provide enemies with freezecam shots of each of your taunts.
  19. Got A Light?: Ignite an enemy Spy while he’s flicking a cigarette.
  20. Hot on Your Heels: Kill 50 enemies with your flamethrower, from behind.
  21. Hot Potato: Reflect 100 projectiles with your compressed air blast.
  22. Hotshot: Kill a Soldier with a reflected critical rocket.
  23. I Fry: Ignite 10 disguised Spies
  24. Lumberjack: Kill 3 people with your axe in one life.
  25. Makin’ Bacon: Kill 50 Heavies with your flamethrower.
  26. Next of Kindling: Ignite an enemy, and the Medic healing him.
  27. OMGWTFBBQ: Kill an enemy with a taunt
  28. Pilot Light: Ignite a rocket-jumping Soldier while he’s in midair.
  29. Plan B: Kill 10 enemies while you’re both underwater.
  30. Pyromancer: Do 1 million points of total fire damage.
  31. Pyrotechnics: Kill 3 enemies in a single uber-charge.
  32. Second Degree Burn: Kill a burning enemy who was ignited by another Pyro.
  33. Spontaneous Combustion: Ignite 10 cloaked Spies.
  34. Trailblazer: Ignite 10 enemies that have recently used a teleporter.
  35. Weenie Roast: Have 2 enemy Scouts on fire at the same time.

I also went ahead and posted a pic of The Sniper since it was so cool.

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