Warframe's space combat has been revamped in latest update

By FileTrekker 2 years ago, last updated 2 years ago

Space battles are a relatively new feature to Warframe, launching back in 2019, and it's proved to be a controversial addition. It's certainly not unwelcome, but it needed work and has suffered from a number of issues since it's launch, such as requiring a lot of grinding, and being rather complicated to understand.

The good news is that the system has been revamped in the latest update, something that Digital Extremes are calling a 'comprehensive' overhaul. The Railjack experience is being streamlined to be much more accessible to new players and solos, while there's also brand new enemies, missions and other content being added. In fact, the new Railjack experience promises to be totally different to what you might be used to already, with systems being totally redesigned, or in some cases, removed from the game.

But the upshot is that the feature has been made a lot more simple and easy to use. Also noteworthy is the removal of Avionics, which will be replaced by Railjack Mods that can be used to make changes to weapons or individual warframes. This should require much less grinding compared to before. Finally, matchmaking has been improved meaning you can much more easily get into missions, and you'll also find the NPC crew a lot better than before.

This is all preface to the next big update for the game named Call of the Tempestarii, which will also add a brand new quest focusing on the Sevagoth warframe. 


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