Wargaming GM: “Western Audiences Need Their Hands Held”

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Posted on June 11, 2013, James Murff Wargaming GM: “Western Audiences Need Their Hands Held”

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There’s a distinct cultural difference between Russian and American audiences, and it’s a difference Wargaming knows quite well. In bringing World of Tanks to the Xbox 360, they ran into a big one: Supposedly, Western audiences need constant affirmation of their skill.

Talking to Gamefront, Jeremy Monroe, the general manager of Wargaming’s US branch, said that “[Western audiences] like to be hand held. We like to be told we did a good job.” Conversely, Russian audiences – the original audience for Wargaming – are used to difficulty and frustration. “[Russians] will crawl through broken glass to play World of Tanks. They’ll do anything. There’s a piece of suffering that’s a part of that culture. If it’s not hard, it’s not worth playing,” said Monroe.

To appeal to this change in culture, Wargaming is aiming to make the 360 version of World of Tanks as user friendly as possible. Large, simple-to-navigate interfaces, constant vocal interaction with the players, and a more involved in-game tutorial are all planned for the title. There will also be a greater focus on action, rather than the simulation-oriented focus of the PC version. However, both versions will have identical game mechanics; the differences will be cosmetic, not mechanical. The 360 version is being developed by Wargaming West, formerly known as Day 1 Studios (of FEAR 360 and F3AR fame). We’ll have more on Wargaming.net’s E3 offerings later in the show.

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