Warhammer 40000: Space Marine Servo Skull Locations

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Posted on September 10, 2011, GameFront Staff Warhammer 40000: Space Marine Servo Skull Locations

The Warhammer 40,000 universe is littered in skulls, there’s a glut of skulls, a general overabundance. That’s why the Emperor needs you to locate every last skull in his most glorious and exalted new videogame from Relic, Warhammer 40000: Space Marine. As a lumbering Marine, blast through alien forces in brutally violent melee combat. No regenerating health here, you have to kill if you want your health back. But, we’re not here to talk about violence, we’re here to find skulls. Scroll down for the complete list of Servo Skull locations.

Finding the skulls might be easy, but overcoming the odds is going to be tough — that’s why the tech-priests at Game Front are here to provide a full walkthrough. For even more lists, secrets, or whatever else the dedicated soldiers of Game Front can find, check out our cheats.

Servo Skull Locations

  1. Chapter 2: Chapter Start – When the first group of Gretchins attack, look behind a red Ork-y barrier with explosive barrels.
  2. Chapter 2: Chapter Start – Meeting with Leandros, look for the skull before entering the trenches.
  3. Chapter 2: The Trenches – After leaving the Imperial Guard Command bunker with Mira, look in the
    second smaller bunker outside.
  4. Chapter 2: No Man’s Land – After sniping Orks with the Stalker Bolter, look in the last room.
  5. Chapter 2: No Man’s Land – Entering the trenches full of Orks, look inside the first bunker.
  6. Chapter 3: Chapter Start – As you enter the Gun Battery, look for a room to the right in the first area covered with rubble.
  7. Chapter 3: Armory – Ride an elevator down, as you get off you’ll find the skull by the ammo crates.
  8. Chapter 4: Train Station – While on the first walkway, run upstairs and look for a raised platform.
  9. Chapter 5: Chapter Start – Fighting through the Orks in the cargo area, with the giant crane holding the giant gun above, look right as you climb a ramp up.
  10. Chapter 5: Cargo Bay – Taking an elevator down and meeting some Imperial Guard in a hallway, you’ll find the skull in your path.
  11. Chapter 6: Chapter Start – After locating the Inquisitor with the computer, look on a catwalk to your left before using the elevator to exit.
  12. Chapter 6: Chapter Start – Inside the forge, look on a ledge looking over the conveyor just before exiting the chamber.
  13. Chapter 7: Chapter Start – Before exiting the second large arena, look inside the left sewer passage before exiting through the right sewer passage.
  14. Chapter 7: Chapter Start – On the catwalks, look left for a barrier with explosives nearby.
  15. Chapter 8: Chapter Start – Jumping down to the street for the first time, look behind you to find the skull underneath the path you just jumped down from.
  16. Chapter 8: Chapter Start – After a short ambush by the Orks, look inside the first room to your right to find a skull.
  17. Chapter 8: Chapter Start – After grabbing the previous skull, find this skull in an open room to your left upstairs.
  18. Chapter 8: Street Warfare – In the underground passage, look to the right of some ammo crates.
  19. Chapter 8: Street Warfare – Check the upper platform during the large Ork battle, before reaching the roof.
  20. Chapter 8: Jump-Pack – Use the jump-pack to reach a high platform directly ahead, after picking up the jump-pack for the first time.
  21. Chapter 8: Jump-Pack – Reaching a crashed Ork rock, look to the right of a staircase.
  22. Chapter 8: Jump-Pack – During the Weirdboy fight, look for some stairs on the right side and go down to find the skull.
  23. Chapter 8: Jump-Pack – Leaving the arena with the Weirdboy, the skull is behind some rubble before entering the next large arena.
  24. Chapter 8: Jump-Pack – In the next large arena, use the Jump-Pack to jump to a high platform, then up to another platform with a statue, where you’ll find the next skull.
  25. Chapter 9: Kalkys Outskirts – Reaching a broken bridge, look left to a short corridor leading to a skull.
  26. Chapter 9: Kalkys Outskirts – Look for a crashed gunship, the skull is nearby.
  27. Chapter 9: Kalkys Outskirts – Running through the canals, before running up the exit ramp, look for some breakable rubble to your left.
  28. Chapter 10: Chapter Start – At the end of the first hallway encounter with the turrets, run down the right hallway to find the skull at the end.
  29. Chapter 10: The Labs – Check the side-rooms in the second laboratory room.
  30. Chapter 10: Security Room – In the core, look for a path leading away from the circular central arena.
  31. Chapter 12: Chapter Start – Drop down from the bridge, run back up and turn to find some explosives near rubble.
  32. Chapter 12: Chapter Start – In the same room as the Iron Halo, look for the skull near the weapon crates.
  33. Chapter 12: Chapter Start – Fighting through Orks and Chaos Space Marines and entering a civilian block, run up and look in one of the side rooms.
  34. Chapter 12: Enemies Aplenty – Meeting up with Mira, look near the weapons crates while fighting it out with Orks.
  35. Chapter 12: Enemies Aplenty – Riding an elevator and getting off after the previous fight, look for an open door to your right down the hall.
  36. Chapter 12: Bastion Primus – Reaching another shrine containing the Plasma Gun, the skull is just near the shrine.
  37. Chapter 12: Bastion Primus – After leaving the Imperial Guard, look in the trenches near another group of weapons and ammo.
  38. Chapter 12: Bastion Primus – Entering the underground, look behind some crates before reaching the exit.
  39. Chapter 13: Chapter Start – On some catwalks while fighting the Chaos forces, look for a room to the left of the chamber.
  40. Chapter 13: Free the Titan – In your path, look left, you won’t miss it.
  41. Chapter 13: Free the Titan – After leaving your fellow Space Marines, instead of taking the elevator, move up a ramp to the left to find the skull at the top.
  42. Chapter 13: Free the Titan – Look for a side-room after fighting the first Chaos Drone.
  43. Chapter 15: Chapter Start – After riding the lift, get off and you’ll find the skull in the large room.
  44. Chapter 15: Traitor’s Arena – Fight a group of traitor guardsmen and look for a destroyed pipe to your right.
  45. Chapter 15: Traitor’s Arena – Near some ammo and weapon crates, just before heading into another large arena.
  46. Chapter 16: Ascent – After destroying your first Chaos Psyker, look near a statue with some weapons and ammo nearby.
  47. Chapter 16: Vertigo – Climbing pretty far up the floating platforms, wait for a Chaos Space Marine to attack at range from a lonely platform. At the edge of the platform, looking down over the planet, you’ll find the skull.
  48. Chapter 16: Vergito – After fighting another Chaors Drone, look right for a path leading right to the last skull.
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