Warhammer Cloning European Servers

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Posted on September 22, 2008, Shawn Sines Warhammer Cloning European Servers

Mythic has announced it will be cloning some of its European servers for Warhammer Online to combat the long waiting periods some gamers are experiencing. Some players particularly those from English EU servers have a 45-60 minute queues to log in.

Wednesday September 24, several servers will be cloned in order to resolve the situation without having players starting over with new characters on lower population servers. Here’s the list of effected servers so far.

Karak Eight Peaks will be cloned to Tor Anroc
Karak Azgal will be cloned to Zhufbar
Karak Hirn will be cloned to Yvresse
Eltharion will be cloned to Tiranoc

The European Warhammer Herald explains the process for those of you who missed the cloning of several U.S. servers late last week.

“When we clone a server, we copy all the information of that server – all character data, guild data, zone information etc and copy it to a new server. This means that if you had a character on the original server, you will have the exact same character on the new server as well – he will have the same name, the same gear, the same items in his backpack and the same guild information. You can then choose, along with your friends whether you want to carry on playing on your original server or if you’d prefer to move across and play the version on the new server instead. Whichever you decide, the other copy of your character will remain so that if you change your mind later, it will be easy to move across.”

Guild members and players that group with friends are cautioned to come to a consensus on which server to play before they move so no one is left behind. This is an elegant solution to a common problem with MMOs.

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