Warhammer High Elf and Dark Elf Armies

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Posted on November 13, 2007, Shawn Sines Warhammer High Elf and Dark Elf Armies

war_highelf.jpgWarhammer has released an overview of the player High Elf and Dark Elf armies.

High Elf Army – The Shining Guard

The Shining Guard is the elite band of warriors charged with the defense of Ulthuan when the Phoenix King takes the armies of the High Elves west to aid the Empire. Led by the renowned warrior Prince Tyrion, the Guard is a small but highly skillful fighting force. Prince Tyrion personally selects the High Elves who are elevated to the ranks of the Shining Guard from among the best and bravest of the citizen militia. These prestigious warriors stand as an example of the highest honor that a High Elf in the militia can hope to achieve.

war_darkelf.jpgDark Elf Army – House Uthorin

Of all the noble houses of the Dark Elves, few can boast the power and influence of House Uthorin. As patriarch and ruler of the house, Lord Uthorin is a master of intrigue and politics. Rumor holds that his eye is fixed firmly upon the Witch King’s throne; if that is his ambition, he has wisely kept it hidden, preferring to play the role of loyal advisor.

As Prince Tyrion prepares for the coming assault on Ulthuan by the Dark Elf army, The House of Uthorin may find the most grievious danger it will face isn’t from The Shining Guard but from his own associates.


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