Warhammer Online Career System Overview Part One

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Posted on June 24, 2008, Shawn Sines Warhammer Online Career System Overview Part One

A Mythic’s Adam Gershowitz, the Combat and Careers strike team lead for Warhammer Online recently outlined the career system for the upcoming MMO. In part one of the interview, Gershowitz talks about the evolution of the career system for WAR.

“[Other MMOs] can do the whole Knight, Paladin, Rogue, Mage, format,” Gershowitz said. “When you get down to it, in Warhammer, those things do exist but they exist in a different fashion.”

“We have a very rich and vast IP,” he said, “we always want Careers that are Iconic and represent that Lore. That means no matter how cool the concept, if it’s not WARHAMMER, it’s not in the game.”

“This,” he continued, “is the primary reason why each Career is a unique experience, while other MMO’s can homogenize classes across multiple races, WAR follows the time honored Warhammer tradition so each Race has its own unique identity and does things its own way. For example you’ll never see a Dwarf Wizard b/c dwarfs don’t believe in sissy nancy pants magic. Nor would you ever see a Human wizard manipulating more then one type of magic, because their minds would melt and they would become gibbering pawns of the chaos gods if they tried to.”

For the list of the four careers for each of the races, read the entire article on MMORPG. Look for more specifics on careers in the second part of the Warhammer Online interview with Adam Gershowitz.

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