Warhammer Online in Baltimore

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Posted on June 29, 2007, Shawn Sines Warhammer Online in Baltimore


GamerInfo.net has a recap of the recent Warhammer: Age of Reckoning preview hosted during the Baltimore Games Day. This is one of a few stops the developers are making this year to show off the game and its latest improvements as it nears release. I had the opportunity to interview the producer last year for one of my other outlets and I’m looking forward tot he game’s next stop – The Origins gaming convention in Columbus next weekend.

We shuffled our way through the waist deep snow to contest Highpass Cemetary with the hated Greenskins and their allies, Chaos. Immediately I targeted a large orc and opened fire on him. As he ran at me, my turret opened fire on him also, and as he got to me, the land mine went off. A shrapnel grenade aided my friends caught in a furious melee nearby; I healed myself once, and later found myself throwing bandoliers of grenades as I was charged by more orcs. I shot it out with a Chaos sorcerer a few times and tried to keep the squigs from launching something at me.

The combat ran out fast and furious. More than once I was surrounded by orcs. There IS collision detection in WAR, so when surrounded â$” well, you’re screwed. I got pounded into the ground. Clicking the respawn button, I had to wait 5 seconds to respawn then came back and ran back into the action (only pausing to throw down a keg of stout to boost my ballistic skill if I wanted, plus to build another turret). The side of Order won the day, as they had most of the day. It was, in my opinion, crazy fun. Our characters? Level 20.

The recap summarizes the games rocky development path a bit and talks about the actual experience and hands on with the game. This is not merely a case of someone watching a developer play but a very detailed explanation of how the game felt to play. Fans of the game should definately head over and check it out.

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