Warhammer Online Screenshots, Weapons of War

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Posted on July 2, 2007, Shawn Sines Warhammer Online Screenshots, Weapons of War


Warhammer Online Age of Reckoning has posted new screenshots up on the official website. The screens show character and armor design, artillery and settings for Humans and Dwarves. Also those of you signed up for the Warhammer monthly newsletter received Exclusive first look at the Weapons of War for the Dwarves, the Greenskins, the Order, and the Chaos.

Check out the armor and weapon sets after the jump.

Weapons and Armor of the Dwarfs
DwarfWP_01s.jpg DwarfWP_02s.jpg
DwarfWP_03s.jpg DwarfWP_04s.jpg
DwarfWP_05s.jpg DwarfWP_06s.jpg
DwarfWP_07s.jpg DwarfWP_08s.jpg
DwarfWP_09s.jpg DwarfWP_10s.jpg
DwarfWP_11s.jpg DwarfWP_12s.jpg
DwarfWP_13s.jpg DwarfWP_14s.jpg
DwarfWP_15s.jpg DwarfWP_16s.jpg
Weapons and Armor of the Greenskins
GreenWP_01s.jpg GreenWP_02s.jpg
GreenWP_03s.jpg GreenWP_04s.jpg
GreenWP_07s.jpg GreenWP_08s.jpg
Weapons and Armor of the Empire
EmpWP_01s.jpg EmpWP_02s.jpg
EmpWP_03s.jpg EmpWP_04s.jpg
EmpWP_05s.jpg EmpWP_06s.jpg
EmpWP_07s.jpg EmpWP_08s.jpg
EmpWP_11s.jpg EmpWP_12s.jpg
EmpWP_13s.jpg EmpWP_14s.jpg
Weapons and Armor of the Chaos
ChaosWP_01s.jpg ChaosWP_02s.jpg
ChaosWP_03s.jpg ChaosWP_04s.jpg
ChaosWP_05s.jpg ChaosWP_06s.jpg
ChaosWP_07s.jpg ChaosWP_08s.jpg
ChaosWP_09s.jpg ChaosWP_10s.jpg
ChaosWP_11s.jpg ChaosWP_12s.jpg

The art is just beautiful I especially like the Chaos Weapons and armor. Check out the official website for many more updates and sign up for the monthly newsletter.

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