Warhammer Online Unveils the Witch Elf

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Posted on November 16, 2007, Shawn Sines Warhammer Online Unveils the Witch Elf

war_we1.jpgWarhammer Online: Age of Reckoning is slowly fleshing out elf classes with the latest being the Dark Elf: Witch Elf.

These dark elf maidens are seductively deadly, having pledges themselves body and soul to Khaine, the Lord of Murder, in midnight rites of blood sacrifice and magic. these brides of Khaine go to war along side of the Dark Elf Armies and see the battlefield as a sacred temple of their god.

The brides of Khaine are fanatical fighters. Wielding long sacrificial daggers dripping with vile poisons, these incredibly quick and agile fighters race across the battlefield leaving blood and destruction in their wake. The more blood they spill, the greater their fervor for battle. As the Witch Elf’s Frenzy increases so do the incredible feats she can perform in battle. A Witch Elf at the height of her bloodlust can penetrate even the staunchest defenses.

war_we2.jpgPlayers will find success with the witch elf class by closing quickly with lightly armed opponents. They attack with their poison anointed blades, their frenzy growing to peak with powerful attacks. They can overwhelm heavily armed opponents with their agility.

The agility and speed these dark elves use give them powerful attacks but leave them virtually defensless. Techniques to defend against the Witch Elves are to either use return their frenzy in kind or out last it, going in for the kill when they are spent.

Witch Elf look

  • Lightly armored and agile, capable of closing long distances rapidly
  • Wields long sacrificial daggers coated in deadly poisons
  • Armor is adorned with razor sharp hooks, and wickedly barbed metal plates

Check out MMORPG Warhammer Online to view more stunning art featuring the Witch Elves and their favored weapons.

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