Warhawk Gets Some Substantial New, Free DLC

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Published by GameFront.com 12 years ago , last updated 1 year ago

Posted on July 17, 2008, Chris Warhawk Gets Some Substantial New, Free DLC

If you’ve headed online with Warhawk in the last day, you may have noticed the game has received a pretty big DLC release that adds two new gameplay modes for all maps. The DLC is completely free of charge, and comes just over a month before the one year anniversary of the game’s release.

Both modes have pretty lengthy explanations over on PlayStation.Blog, but here’s the basic idea behind each of them:

Hero: This is a team-based game mode in which one member of each team is randomly selected to be their team’s Epic Hero. Players score points for their team by killing the enemy Hero or by killing enemies while they’re the Hero. The team that reaches the score limit first (or has the most points when time runs out) wins the game.

Collection: This new gameplay mode is like multi-flag CTF. There are 4 energy cores scattered around the map, generally positioned in the center or between the 2 team’s main bases. Each team has a Reactor where Energy Cores are taken to score points. … Bringing these Cores back to your team’s reactor will score points for your team…and you can carry more than 1 Core at a time.

Both of those sound pretty interesting to me, even if they seem somewhat derivative of already existing game modes.

There are also a bunch of other changes, including quick join, an update to the mini-map, respawn selection hints, and more. check out all the details here.

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