Warp Speed: Weekly Updates Coming to PlanetSide 2

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Published by GameFront.com 6 years ago , last updated 1 year ago

Posted on January 9, 2014, Mike Sharkey Warp Speed: Weekly Updates Coming to PlanetSide 2

Good news for those of us fighting for resources and glory on Auraxis: Starting Wednesday, SOE is planning to update PlanetSide 2 on a weekly basis.

Creative Director Matt Higby delivered the news on the official PlanetSide 2 forums, detailing what weekly updates will mean for the shooter’s loyal fans:

“Well for starters, it means we’ll be more rapidly respond to bugs & balance issues in the game without having to rely on hotfixes as much,” Higby stated. “We’ll also be able to release new content more frequently and consistently. Each individual update will be smaller and more focused, with fewer moving parts that can break, which we hope will greatly decrease the number of bugs being introduced when we update.”

Higby clarified that the smaller, more frequent updates don’t signal an end to the addition of bigger features and larger content pieces. Those items will simply be slotted into the weekly schedule when they’re ready.

It appears the completion of the huge optimization update SOE launched for PlanetSide 2 in November, which seriously improved the overall experience, has finally freed up the dev team to focus on adding to PlanetSide 2 instead of simply trying to get the core game running smoothly. And that’s great news. SOE has long been touting its big plans for the big shooter (remember those Star Destroyer-like fleet carriers SOE pres John Smedley teased in 2012?), hopefully this signals those plans will finally be coming to fruition in 2014.

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