Warren Spector Explains Disneyland’s Influence on Disney Epic Mickey (VIDEOS)

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Posted on November 15, 2010, Phil Hornshaw Warren Spector Explains Disneyland’s Influence on Disney Epic Mickey (VIDEOS)

We were lucky enough to take a walk through Disneyland with Junction Point Creative Director and Disney Epic Mickey mastermind Warren Spector earlier this month (along with about 40 other journalists).

Along the way, Spector offered a few words about each of the attractions that appear in a sort of twisted, bizarro-world form in the game‘s Wasteland. We caught some (frankly terrible) video of what Spector had to say, which you can check out below. His insights are pretty interesting.

Please excuse the sound quality — it was loud in the park — and the random shakiness. I was a little unfamiliar with the camera (as in, I wasn’t always sure if it was actually working).

Spector Talks About Walt Disney’s Last Attraction

Among the first places we hit with Spector was the New Orleans Square section of Disneyland, elements of which made it into Disney Epic Mickey in the form of Bog Easy and Ventureland. We’re standing outside the entrance to the Pirates of the Caribbean.

Spector Explains the Haunted Mansion and Lonesome Manor

Up next was the Haunted Mansion (which is difficult to distinguish in the background), which appears in four versions in all the Disney theme parks. Spector explains how those designs were incorporated into Disney Epic Mickey’s Lonesome Manor’s look.

A Boss Fight Atop Space Mountain

Tomorrow Land, home of Space Mountain and the Moonliner Rocket (which is what is being discussed at the outset of this video), makes it into Disney Epic Mickey as Tomorrow City. And when Spector talks about a boss battle “on top of that building,” he’s talking about actually fighting on top of Space Mountain.

Warren Spector and Mickey’s First Boss Battle

Gremlin Village is the Wasteland version of Small World, which Spector is standing in front of in this video clip. He also explains how the creepy clock face on the front of the huge animatronic contraption is also Mickey’s first big boss fight.

Sleeping Beauty’s Castle — The Beginning (and End) of Epic Mickey

The tour ends with Spector talking about Sleeping Beauty’s castle, and how Disney’s iconic structures make it into the Wasteland as the adventure’s starting point, and the final destination for the endgame.

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