Warzone cheater stars in anti-cheat video before cheating again

By FileTrekker 2 years ago, last updated 2 years ago

Perhaps it's habitual, perhaps it's true that a leopard never really changes its spots, but one thing is for sure, it's an embarrassing look for Activision. The new anti-cheat video that's circulating features cheater Rushman360, who is now proudly boasting he's back to his old ways, despite being hardware banned from the game.

Rushman360 was originally hardware banned from the game last week. For those not aware, a hardware ban means you can't just create a new account to get back into the game, your entire machine is blacklisted, and short of buying new components, it's incredibly difficult to skirt around. This lead to Activision using Rushman's TikTok video, where he spoke of his banning, as a warning to other players that Activision was cracking down.

In the message, Activision promised that "we are coming for you," in what seems to be a change in attack and stricter levels of bans for cheaters. The company have recently promised that the anti-cheat was "evolving" within the game, although some are wondering if the ban was even down to Activision's efforts. It's been noted that Rushman's anti-cheat software may have given him away - most cheat software spoofs hardware IDs to avoid these types of bans, but it's speculated that the software was actually revealing his real Hardware IDs.

In any case, Raven & Activision have stepped up at least in raw numbers, with over 100,000 bans issued so far according to a statement last week.

The ironic thing though is that Rushman360 is back to cheating it appears. His TikTok page is now once again littered with clips of him cheating, along with a two hour YouTube video showing him using cheats within the game. 

Clearly, cheating is still a huge problem. Hopefully, there's more to come when it comes to anti-cheat within the game. 


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