Warzone Season Six Finale teases the return of Soap

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Published by FileTrekker 2 years ago , last updated 2 years ago

A hidden cutscene has been found within Call of Duty Warzone, marking both the end of Season Six, the main storyline so far, and teasing the return of Soap MacTavish.

The cutscene ends the current storyline within the battle royale, and also seems to confirm rumours that Soap would be returning. He was first seen in Black Ops 4, and has long been speculated to be coming to Warzone.

Warzone has had something of a reset since Black Ops Cold War released - when the two games integrated, Warzone's stats were wound back to zero, and everything reset to "Season One," although Modern Warfare's story wasn't quite wound up.

Season six leads up to the finale of that story as you pursue Zakhaev, in order to stop him launching a nuke on Verdansk. By disarming the missile, you'll see this cutscene, as YouTuber Geeky Pastimes did;

You'll see all six Modern Warfare operators looking out ver Verdansk at the end, before a radio exchange between Soap and Captian Price takes place.

Dataminers have also discovered assets that suggest Soap is coming to the game. We don't know when he'll be coming, exactly, but it'll surely be a welcome return for fans of the Modern Warfare series, and should be a great way to transition Warzone from Modern Warfare to Black Ops - Cold War.

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